Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday - Stash Down

I am putting myself on a 'yarn diet'

I have so much yarn just sitting in boxes and bags and still I buy more...but no more!

I am intent on using the yarn I already have and seeing what I can create with what I have sitting here. 

I started on a baby ripple blanket using yarn from my stash in shades of pale blue, white and navy blue.  I am going to do a random stripe effect and see what I end up with.

 Looking at how the blanket is going I may also have enough yarn to make a baby hat and booties.

These are the sweaters I made just before Christmas.

This is my daughter's sweater, it was knitted from a Stylecraft pattern using a super chunky yarn.  
It grew quickly due to the size 12mm needles but they were a little awkward to knit with being so chunky.  
She was really pleased with the finished result and I would knit this pattern again.

This is the sweater I made for myself. 
 Knitted from a Wendy pattern I used James C Brett Rustic Aran.  It is a lovely yarn to knit with and has made a really lovely, warm and snuggly sweater.

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