Monday, 21 January 2013


Well I'm afraid my bread maker has decided it no longer wants to bake bread for me.  After churning out gorgeous well risen loaves for the past couple of years all I've been left with after my last four attempts are unrisen lumps of baked dough.

I have tried changing the flour, swapping the yeast, adding slightly more water, changing cold water for warm all to no avail.  I can't afford to splash out on a new bread maker so I'm going to try the traditional hand baking method using this recipe from the BBC Good Food Website

I'm using half wholemeal and half white flour.  The mixture blended very well and here it is having been left to rise for about 45 minutes

I'm really impressed with how well risen it is.  I popped it into the oven for 35 mins and here is the finished result.

I'll definitely use this recipe again, it was so easy and the bread tastes yummy!

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