Monday, 14 January 2013's chilly

Brrrr it's chilly out there...we've just returned from our evening stroll and it is certainly very cold tonight. We had snow yesterday which settled but awoke this morning to rain which proceeded to wash it all away. 

Monday is housework day here so I've spent the day cleaning, dusting, tidying and hoovering.  I don't mind my household chores and get a feeling of satisfaction seeing everywhere clean and tidy.  

Hubby has finally gone back to work today and is almost back to normal after suffering with this virus for the past three weeks.  I think he found it a bit hard going after being off for so long and was glad to be home at tea time even though I'd cooked fish for tea....not his favourite unless it's wrapped in batter from the chip shop!!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the cinema watching Les Miserables...what a brilliant film it is.  I can highly recommend it to all.  Hubby came with me and said he enjoyed it even though musicals are not really his thing.  I would certainly watch it again and can't wait until it's out on dvd.

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