Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fruitful Wednesday

Does anyone else have a 'needs sewing up' box or is it just me?

I love to knit but I don't enjoy the sewing up so I have a box where I place my knits until I am in the mood for finishing off.  I'm determined to work my way through the box and sew up the unfinished items, photograph them and get them listed in my ebay shop.

The first item I finished was this lovely little hooded jacket, sized to fit a baby boy 0-3 Months.  I love hooded jackets they are great for slipping on in the car when big, bulky coats are not necessary.  You can find it listed in my ebay shop here: EBAY SHOP

The second item I picked out was this pretty baby girl's cardigan and hat set.  I have made this set so many times in many colours and I am always pleased with the finished result.  It is one of those patterns that I go back to time and time again.  

Sized to fit 0-3 Months but as the pattern is quite stretchy I am sure it would fit upto 6 months.  You can find the set listed in my shop here: EBAY SHOP

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