Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Busy Weekend..

Yesterday was  quite a busy day for us.....we drove to Leeds over the snowy moors to watch the match.  It was bitterly cold and I had so many layers on I must have looked like a Telly-Tubby.  We welcomed Bristol City to Elland Road and I have to say the match wasn't the most exciting to watch.  Thankfully Ross McCormack managed to head the ball into the goal and we won the match 1-0.

Hubby drove home and after a quick wash and change we were back in the car and on our way to Warrington to celebrate my step-mum's 73rd birthday.  It was a surprise party which my dad had organised for her.  She is still a very glamourous lady and it was lovely to see her enjoying the night surrounded by her family and friends.

Almost all of our snow has melted away and the snow that has been forecast for today has yet to put in an appearance.  I'm hoping it will bypass us altogether!

Today has been spent catching up with orders from my ebay shop.  I am now up to date and all parcels are packaged ready to post in the morning.

One thing about sitting working on orders means I get to catch up on any tv programmes that I have recorded during the week.  I am currently enjoying a series called 'Borgen' which is a Danish programme on BBC4.  It is a a political drama which has me quite captivated with it's main focus on the first woman Prime Minister of Denmark Birgitte.

Tonight I am going to have a lovely soak in the bath and enjoy a game of scrabble with my hubby.

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