Monday, 13 June 2011

Leeds Castle

We spent an eventful day at Leeds Castle, this is where my hubby had his fall.  The staff were lovely and administered first aid and provided us with a wheelchair for the rest of our time there.  It really is a beautiful place and the gardens are stunning.

There were lots of peacocks strolling around the grounds, all very bold and completely unafraid of us humans

There is quite a walk from the entrance upto the castle itself but the walk through the parkland was lovely

I love this picture of the pond

This is the Barbican area, just behind here is where my hubby had his fall

The usual way to enter the castle is down through the cellars, but as I was now pushing my husband around in a wheelchair we entered through the front door.

One of the first rooms you see is the Queens Bedroom and then onto her bathroom

This is the Queens courtyard

A few random pics from some of the rooms we viewed

On our way out to the Car Park

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  1. Very beautiful place. I hope I can visit it one day!