Monday, 25 July 2011

Busy Day

Isn't it funny how energised the sun makes you feel....the sun has been shining here for most of the day and I've felt full of beans and just in the right frame of mind to crack on with the housework. My day has been filled with polishing, hoovering, washing and ironing and I even found the energy to clean all the windows...not a chore I particularly enjoy!
Needless to say not much crafting time has been found today but I intend to sit down with my knitting this evening and crack on with the baby bonnets that I started yesterday.


  1. You certainly deserved your craft time ; ) What a busy bee. I wish I had the energy, but allass !! Maybe tomorrow ; )
    Have a fantastic day.

  2. Well done :)) My windows could do with a clean but I hate doing them ..
    At the moment the fire is lovely and warm and crochet/knitting is on my mind :))
    Enjoy your week :))