Friday, 20 May 2011

What A Busy Morning...

I've been so busy this morning typing up my new knitting design 'Rosie'
Typing out a lace pattern is never easy as one missing yfwd can throw the whole pattern out.  Anyway I carefully got it typed, printed and proof read my efforts and found a few typing errors so had to amend those (part of the course!!) and the pattern is now good to go......and here it is

The outfit consists of a traditionally styled matinee type jacket with a delightful eight row lace pattern used as a border just above the hem line and on the yoke.  As with all lace knitting concentration is a must but the finished effect is worth the effort.
I gave the outfit a a lovely matching beret style hat complete with a tassle on the crown, short pants and a delightful pair of button fastening ankle strap shoes.
The outfit is knitted throughout on two needles in Baby Double Knitting Yarn or Light Worsted if you are a US Knitter.


  1. Hi,
    that looks so cute. What a great job. I love the colour combination and the ajour pattern.
    Have a wonderful weekend.