Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tentatively Dipping My Toe!!

My first blog...yikes
Not able to do much crafting today due to a problem with my shoulder from tooooo much crocheting so I thought I would have a go at creating my own blog.  I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed with it all to be honest but I'm sure in time I will find my way around. 

It's a rather dull and overcast day here in the North West of England and quite chilly for the time of year.  I thought I would share with you  a few pictures from my garden which I took a couple of weeks back when the weather was much brighter.

These beautiful little rockery flowers are called Aubrieta and I love them, they are so bright and cheery

My rhubarb is growing great this year and soon I'm looking forward to making a rhubarb crumble with lashings of homemade custard!


  1. Welcome to Blogland! You will love's great fun and you get to meet lovely people. I'm your first follower.

  2. Hi Sandy, lovely to meet you and thank you for being my first follower :-)