Monday, 27 February 2012

Yet More Socks....

My latest effort.... Boot Socks...hand knitted in Regia World College 6ply Yarn which I bought on offer from one of my favourite online wool shops Kemps.

I followed this very simple pattern on Ravelry Comfy DK Socks which is available as a free download.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I've got the sock bug again!!

One of my knitting friends sent me two balls of this lovely sock yarn as she hasn't really the time to make socks and as a thank you I made her the pair above.  She loved them...which made me so happy!

Me being me I can never stop at one pair and with all those gorgeous yarns to work with I had to cast on another pair immediately.

I bought some sock yarn from Black Sheep Wools sometime last year and it has been hidden away in my stash so all I had to do was decide on a pattern.

Browsing the numerous sock patterns on Ravelry I came across this lovely pattern by Adrienne Ku for these Simple SKYP Socks...pattern here

I really enjoyed making them and the only thing I did differently was to change the shaping of the toe section.
They are an easy knit which means I can catch up with my tv programmes whilst knitting.  They don't require too much concentration and I would be happy to make them again.

Kemps Wools have some lovely sock wool on offer at the moment so I had to purchase a few balls for my next project......Boot Socks!

Friday, 17 February 2012


Tommy is my latest knitting design.....I wanted to create a traditionally styled baby boy's set with a modern feel about it too

The design consists of a collared jacket which has a simple to knit 4 row eyelet pattern on the yolk and the collar.
The sleeves and body of the coat are worked in simple garter and stocking stitch

I tried 3 styles of hat to the outfit before I finally settled on the 'peaked cap' style to give me the look that I was trying to achieve. The eyelet pattern is worked as a band around the cap.

A cute pair of T-Bar style ankle strap shoes complete the set.

Once knitted up the outfit would make a perfect 'new baby' gift

Quick to knit using double knitting (light worsted weight) yarn and looks as good worked in one colour as it does in two.

If you would like to knit the set the pattern can be purchased from my website 
 Ravelry where you can purchase an immediate download and also in my  Etsy Store or my  Ebay shop Precious Newborn Knits

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day..

Aren't I a lucky wonderful hubby came home with these beautiful flowers, card and chocolates.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Valentines Day with the ones they love x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

So Cold......

It's been another cold week with snow and freezing temperatures thankfully I have had my crocheted granny square blanket to snuggle under!

I used Stylecraft Special DK in shades of orange, brown, cream and beige...very 70's

I really enjoyed this project as I do with almost all the blankets I make although I am running out of places to put them!

Monday, 6 February 2012

This Brought A Smile.....

A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.

For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover.

In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took down the shoe box and took it to his wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls and a stack of money totaling $95,000. He asked her about the contents.

"When we were to be married," she said, "my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and crochet a doll."

The little old man was so moved; he had to fight back tears. Only two precious dolls were in the box. She had only been angry with him two times in all those years of living and loving. He almost burst with happiness.

"Honey," he said, "that explains the dolls, but what about all of this money? Where did it come from?"

"Oh," she said, "That's the money I made from selling the dolls."

Friday, 3 February 2012

Recent Knits.

The weather is very, very chilly and with snow forecast for over the weekend I can see lots of knitting getting done!

I'm in the middle of designing a new pattern for a baby boy.  I've done the first outfit and typed out the pattern so now I am in the middle of checking through the pattern and re-knitting the design to check for errors.  I am hoping to have it ready for release sometime next week (all being well)

It's been bright and sunny here today and if it wasn't so cold you could be mistaken for thinking that it was a summer's day!

I got the camera out and snapped these two little outfits that I recently made